My Favourite Astrologer Says…

Here’s an excerpt from my astrological forecast the other day. Although I left the part out strictly intended for us Virgos, I wanted to share what I thought was a rather insightful message from British astrologer, Jonathan Cainer.

Trees do not seek planning permission before they take root. Birds do not clear a flight-path before they take off. Rain does not request a licence before falling. It’s amazing how many natural processes can manage to occur without the intervention of the appropriate authorities. No doubt, in time, governments will find some way to regulate them. Meanwhile, it is nice to know that in a world of conformity and regimentation, there is still some scope for spontaneity….  

–Jonathan Cainer, excerpt from Virgo Horoscope, Feb. 4, 2012

I am hoping for more spontaneity and less control in 2012. What about you?

Cheers, shee

PS – Find out what the stars have in store for you and visit Jonathan’s website at www.cainer.com.