Getting to the Heart of It

I write, I speak, I advocate, I promote, and sometimes I help others in these tasks.

This is the heart of what I do, at least on the surface. Deeper in my heart, though, is why I do it. And that’s because I have this unswerving drive to share an alternative awareness about our planet, our animals, our plants, and each other–one that has us living together in harmony and peace. And, no, my middle name is not Pollyanna; it’s Marie, after Our Blessed Virgin Mary. (Hah, hah, there’s nothing like pulling out the big guns when you want to make a point, is there?!?!)

For reasons of survival, I took a rather long break from this blog. Last night, (May 23, 2013), while watching a Bill Moyers program on PBS, I discovered the scientific reason why. It’s called “Well Informed Futility Syndrome.” Brother, can I relate to that and maybe you can, too. It’s that exhausting, depressing, and downright hopeless way of feeling when you know society is turning a blind eye to ways of doing and being that are just plain wrong.

small 12979161_s butterfly

So, after a longish retreat and 365-plus daily walks in the woods with my co-working dog, Bear, I am happy to report that I’m back and with a somewhat lighter approach. This time I hope to bring your attention to a wider scope of ideas, actions, and dreams when it comes to living together peacefully and sustainably in this world of ours.

I’ve also changed my blog’s look and organization (I hope you like it!) while keeping all past posts intact. I’ll also use this blog to share information about my different works, from published articles and columns, to books and works-in-progress. All are environmentally and socially motivated in one way or another, although you may have to dig a little to find out just how.

So, if you want to find out  more about me, my work, and this blog, head over to About This Blog and Me and My Works. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to deliver lots more posts to inspire you, give you hope, and touch your heart.

I leave you and this page in peace and much hope,


Sheelagh Matthews
Messenger of New Thought

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