For the Media

If you’re a newspaper or magazine publisher and might be interested in carrying my monthly column, please drop me a line or call me. You could also head over to my business website, The Idea Garden, where I’ll be posting some evergreen columns for publication (for a modest fee, of course).

Or, if you want me to write a story for your magazine to help raise our collective social conscious, I am ready and able to pick up the phone and grab my pen.

Or, maybe you’re looking for a guest blogger to write on environmental human rights, sustainability, or an issue of social justice. If so, I’d love to talk with you more.

All you have to do is email me at Or use the form below (to help draw my attention to your inquiry, it would help if you typed MEDIA in the caption line). Or call me at 403-933-5174. Straightforward enough? I hope so!

And, for those of you working to deadline who need a little extra info on me right away, here you go…


Sheelagh Matthewsesheelagh matthews-1918
Writer’s Bio

Sheelagh is an optimist, a realist, a dreamer, a doer. She is fascinated by water, befriended by animals and talks with trees. Sharing ideas and information–especially the kind that makes our world a kinder and better place for all beings–is her calling.

She writes about subjects that bring her joy, hope, and, at times, profound sadness—the environment, sustainability and social justice. Sheelagh also helps community-minded individuals, businesses and organizations get their message across to a myriad of audiences, from staff and boards to customers and voters.

A self-proclaimed Messenger of New Thought, Sheelagh isn’t afraid to bring forward ideas and initiatives that have been sitting on the back benches for far too long, or to tackle subjects that, to her way of thinking, are in need of a fresh, new perspective.

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