Isn’t it amazing what we can do together?

Check out what we, the people, have accomplished over the decades by supporting the work of Greenpeace. It may surprise you how close it will hit to home for you…no matter where you live or what your political persuasion may be.

Isn’t it amazing what we can do together? | Greenpeace Canada.

It’s amazing just how far we’ve come.

Peace to you all.



2011 UN International Year of Forests

It’s election time again in Canada. I hope you will ask your federal candidates what exactly they plan on doing to honour, conserve, or protect forest communities in Canada. After all, 2011 has been designated the International Year of Forests by the United Nations.

2011 is the UN Year of Forests

And, while you’re at it, ask your candidates to explain about all the ecological goods and services that forest communities provide to Canadians. If they can’t, I hope that you will remind them how…

  • Forests help keep our fresh water clean (by filtering water and controlling soil erosion)
  • Forests encourage biological diversity, by creating microclimates and homes for different animals and plants
  • Forests provide us with all kinds of foods and medicines
  • Forests scrub our air of pollutants, and provide us with oxygen tobreathe
  • Forests give us recreational opportunities as well as aesthetic enjoyment
  • Forests can even help with climate regulation

For more information on the 2011

International Year of Forests, please visit: or


Imagine 8 Acres to Ring in Spring

Hello World,

I am about to give an author’s visit (courtesy of the Canadian Authors Association – Alberta Branch – Writers In Schools Program) to a Calgary Grade 7 and a Grade 9 class on writing about the environment. During my visit, I intend to show a wonderful multimedia photo essay, called Imagine 8 Acres…, created by a friend of mine, Gervais Goodman. I thought it might be nice to share this slice of nature with you, too.

HINT: Don’t forget to turn your volume up. You won’t want to miss the sounds of trickling water and honking geese…

Enjoy. (I know you will.)