A Fabulous Friday for Changemakers!

Cover Changemaker's Guide to News ReleasesWill wonders never cease?

Today, on Friday afternoon, I finally finished and uploaded my guide on how to write and issue a news release on The Idea Garden website. It’s called A Changemaker’s Guide to News Releases, the first in my Changemakers series.

In addition to explaining the nuts and bolts of writing and issuing a news release so that your story will have a decent chance of getting media coverage, in its own way this first guide also includes much of what I’ve learned when it comes to media relations.

Interested? Want to know more? Even better, want to get your own copy?

Then head on over to The Idea Garden’s Marketplace where it is now, finally, as of this Friday, available.

Have a Fabulous Friday!





A happy horse as we begin the Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year, Everybody!

 © Laurin Rinder | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Laurin Rinder | Dreamstime Stock Photos

It’s the Year of the Horse starting today, January 31st, 2014. Here’s hoping it comes galloping in with

all manner of good things.

And speaking of good things, I just wanted to share with you this story about a horse named Brave Heart who was rescued from slaughter after he was retired as a fox hunter. Humane Society International says this magnificent beast now is living out the rest of his life nibbling on hay and running around his pasture. This is just the type of thing I’ve always wanted to do, but, alas, I don’t have the space to do it right now. Knowing that other people are looking after horses after they retire just makes my heart feel good.

You can read the whole story and see a photo of a happy Brave Heart and his new owner here.

Have a fabulous Friday!



Fab Friday: Happy Birthday to Our Favourite Mouse!

I know, I know, I’ve been missing in action for some time and I feel rather badly about that. It has to do with multiple technical problems crippling my productivity, a book launch that demanded much of my focus, and a general feeling of profound sadness from hearing one too many stories of animal abuse.

But, I feel stronger now. My energies have shifted and I feel “up” again. Many, although not all, of my technical problems have been sorted out. And our Monday Morning Writers Group book has launched and is selling well. Finally, at long last, it feels like I’m back.

For my first blog after being away for so long, I am very pleased to jump back in with a Fab Friday post on very happy subject…

It’s Mickey Mouse’s 83rd birthday today! Mickey’s very first animated cartoon, Steamboat Willie, was released in New York at the Colony Theater on November 18, 1928. Who knew this silly mouse would bring so much joy and laughter to the world for so long?

Happy Birthday, Mickey! And may our world’s favourite mouse have many more!



Not Such a Fab Friday

Well, if you’re a deer, an elk or a moose, or maybe a bear, cougar or coyote, this Friday isn’t so fabulous for you.

Why? Because it’s the Friday of the first long weekend of summer, and all of humanity will be heading to the woods to go camping. I can almost hear our furry friends muttering “there goes the neighbourhood” to each other now.

A young whitetail deer outside my cabin window in Kananaskis Country, Alberta

.But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can choose to limit our trips and our time spent in wilderness. We can be thoughtful guests and avoid favourite watering holes and routes used by wildlife. We can leave only footprints, remembering to be  respectful of where we leave them by staying on trails and in campgrounds.

If there is one thing our animal friends need it’s space. So, let’s be good visitors and give them just that.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?



Fab Friday: Everything’s Duckie Down Under

Long live the ducks of Down Under!


Here’s a news segment from ABC* on a lesson about permaculture. It covers a TAFE** college class out in the field, literally, with a bunch of ducks. The ducks are used for pest management in vegetable gardens. How great is that?




One of the students in the film is our family’s very own Kirby Browne. She’s the cute one in the brown hat and striped sweater.  : )




* ABC – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

** TAFE – Technical and Further Education; TAFE is a leading post-secondary educational institution in Australia, with colleges all across the country.


Fab Friday: Photo Contest a Real Winner

Yup, it’s Fabulous Friday! (But, aren’t all Fridays fabulous, you ask?) In honour of the very first Fabulous Friday for this blog, I wanted to share with you all kinds of “awww” moments.

All you have to do is take a peek at the winning shots from The Nature Conservancy’s 2010 digital photo contest. The pic of mama mountain goat and her baby absolutely deserve the top prize, at least that’s what I think.

Maybe you have another favourite? If so, share yours by leaving a comment.