Isn’t it amazing what we can do together?

Check out what we, the people, have accomplished over the decades by supporting the work of Greenpeace. It may surprise you how close it will hit to home for you…no matter where you live or what your political persuasion may be.

Isn’t it amazing what we can do together? | Greenpeace Canada.

It’s amazing just how far we’ve come.

Peace to you all.



What pigs we are!

Oh, no! What pigs we are to treat beautiful, smart, and social animals in this way.

Extreme confinement = extreme suffering!  Gestation crates on a swine farm where sows aren't able to turn around and often can't lie down comfortably for months at a time. (Humane Society International)

Extreme confinement = extreme suffering! Gestation crates on a swine farm (India) where sows aren’t able to turn around and often can’t lie down comfortably for months at a time. (excerpted from Humane Society International)

Please consider doing whatever you can — whether it be banning pork from your diet, going vegetarian, protesting the inhumane treatment of domestic animals intended for our plates, or donating to animal rights causes — to help stop this from happening again.

Trust me, there can be no good arising out of eating any animal treated like this.

With wishes of well-being for all beings,


PS – Reports like this make me think it’s no wonder we can treat our fellow human beings so badly. Is it possible we practice atrocities on animals making it easier to perform the same on people?!?!?!




A happy horse as we begin the Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year, Everybody!

 © Laurin Rinder | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Laurin Rinder | Dreamstime Stock Photos

It’s the Year of the Horse starting today, January 31st, 2014. Here’s hoping it comes galloping in with

all manner of good things.

And speaking of good things, I just wanted to share with you this story about a horse named Brave Heart who was rescued from slaughter after he was retired as a fox hunter. Humane Society International says this magnificent beast now is living out the rest of his life nibbling on hay and running around his pasture. This is just the type of thing I’ve always wanted to do, but, alas, I don’t have the space to do it right now. Knowing that other people are looking after horses after they retire just makes my heart feel good.

You can read the whole story and see a photo of a happy Brave Heart and his new owner here.

Have a fabulous Friday!



Boycott “Made in Japan” Until Dolphin Slaughter Ends

Photo from Jan. 21, 2014 Irish Independent story:  Rivers of blood: Japan defends 'lawful' slaughter of dolphins as hunters prepare to kill 200 animals

Photo from Jan. 21, 2014 Irish Independent story: Rivers of blood: Japan defends ‘lawful’ slaughter of dolphins as hunters prepare to kill 200 animals

Sometimes it seems the best tool we have to bring about change is our buying power.

Please join me in the fight to save Japan’s dolphins from merciless slaughter by refusing to buy anything “Made in Japan” until this practice stops once and for all.

But, don’t stop there. Make sure your government and Japan’s government knows what you plan to do. As for me, I’ve just written a letter to my Member of Parliament and to John Baird, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. This is what I said…

Dear Messrs. Baird and Duncan,

I am writing to you as a concerned Canadian citizen who is completely shocked and disgusted by Japan’s practice of slaughtering dolphins. Please do all you can to put a halt to this despicable practice, including the enforcement of economic sanctions to clearly get the message across if that is what is needed.  We live and work and consume in a global economy. As such, Japan needs to heed the sensibilities of other countries and cultures it wants to trade with.

As for me, the best power I have is as a consumer. I will do everything I can to NEVER buy anything made in Japan again, at least not until the practice of dolphin slaughter in Japan comes to a screeching halt. For Japan to brush off  people’s concerns over this as people being “emotional” is a complete insult to my intelligence, not to mention the intelligence and emotional capacity of the dolphins, the latter of which has been scientifically proven.

For the record, I don’t eat meat very much at all, mostly because of how we choose to raise, transport, and slaughter animals destined for the dinner table. Again, I put my dollars where my mouth is, and do my best to only buy meat that has been raised in a cruelty-free and free-range manner. Sadly, as I am still deeply concerned as to how these animals are treated when it comes time to take them to the slaughterhouse (transportation) and then what happens to them at the place of their demise, I do my very best to consume as little meat as possible having gone about 95% vegetarian. Until we, as Canadians, decide to treat our livestock in a respectful and caring manner, I’d just as soon have as little to do with any economic practice associated with them.  I am not the only one who thinks this way; there are a growing number of us in Canada. If you don’t believe me, just go to your local grocery store and look at the how agricultural producers/manufacturers are trying to market their products: labels are now emblazoned with the terms “free range,” “open range,” “free from,” etc.) to get us to buy.

I look forward to hearing what you plan to do to protect the dolphins who are being mercilessly slaughtered in Japan.

Thank you for your attention to my concerns.


Now I’m off to look for the phone number to a nearby Japanese embassy so I can call them and tell them what I think.

Please, please, please join the global effort to stop the dolphin slaughter. For more info, here’s a blog post from a doctor of veterinary medicine on the subject. He offers a petition to sign if that’s all you have time to do.

Even Yoko Ono Lennon has had her say on this (you can read her full letter here):

The way you are insisting on a big celebration of killing so many Dolphins and kidnapping some of them to sell to the zoos and restaurants at this very politically sensitive time, will make the children of the world hate the Japanese.

I think Yoko has it 100% right! Please consider doing your part to save our world’s dolphins from inhumane slaughter.

In peace, shee


It’s a Terrific Turtle Kind of Day!

Well, what an auspicious day to return to my blog after a year or so away:
World Turtle Day!glyptemys-muhlenbergii-bog-turtle-reptile_w725_h547

I truly regret being MIA for so long, but I’ve only recently come to realize why. It turns out I’ve been suffering from WIFS, short for Well Informed Futility Syndrome. Bottom line: I just couldn’t bear to write one more blog on some despicable or short-sighted error on humanity’s part.

Anyhow, knowing your demons goes a long way towards healing. I guess this is my long-winded way of saying I’m back, I’m energized, and I’m ready to kick a little butt in the world of blogs. And, it feels good!

Hope you’ve all been thriving (or at least surviving) since I’ve been gone.

Three cheers for the turtles, gentle creatures who have been roaming our planet for over 200 million years. Sadly, our turtles are now starting to disappear due to our thoughtlessness and greed. Together we can change that, right?



No Joke: Baby Left in Wall to Die

It’s no April Fool’s joke. A baby, in this case a little puppy, was left in a wall to die. Actually, he was thrown through a hole in a wall in an upper-story apartment and fell down several stories to the basement of the building where he was abandoned, despite his tiny cries for help, for two weeks. It’s inconceivable to me, and I’m sure many others,  how anyone could do this. (Read the pup’s entire sad story here.)

Emmanuel, rescued from being trapped in a wall

I’ve long believed that we’ll start treating each other better when we start treating the animals around us better. It’s no surprise to me that humankind constantly struggles with bullying, neglect, rape, torture and all manner of abuse when it seems that all kinds of animal cruelty can regularly take place.

But, where there is darkness there is also light. Emmanuel, the wee pup who was trapped in a wall for two weeks, was rescued and survived. And he also sparked a worldwide rescue effort for his fellow animals. Emmanuel’s plight has led to the World’s Biggest Baby Shower for Animals. Baby shower gifts in the form of donations will help bring food, water, veterinary care, shelter and protection from cruelty to thousands of baby animals around the world.

The baby shower is sponsored by The Harmony Fund. The animal rescuers there remind us that we can’t do this alone anymore.

So, our participation in the World’s Biggest Baby Shower for Animals will not only help rescue animals in dire straits; it will also help us shout out to the world that we simply won’t tolerate such bad behaviour by our fellow humans anymore.

And that’s no joke.



“Star” Miracle Dog Survives Being Shot and Buried Alive

This blog is about a dog, Star, from the island nation of Malta. Star was recently tied up, shot at, then buried alive. Somehow Star managed to get her nose above ground so she could breathe. Her rescuers heard her whimper. Thankfully, Star is now on the mend and has already been adopted.

Read more about Star’s story for yourself at these links:


HuffPo Green

Be ye kind.



Vote Green If You Care About Animals

If you care about animals, I suggest you consider voting Green this 41st federal election. Canada’s laws are badly outdated when it comes to animals and their treatment. Our laws and our politicians need to get with the times and get with Canadians’ sentiment that it is NOT OKAY to treat animals poorly or cruelly, whether they are pets or intended for our dinner plates.

The Greens have over two pages dedicated to Animal Welfare in their “Green Vision” document, a comprehensive statement on Green Party of Canada policies and programs. You can read it yourself at:

The plight of animals reminds me of the plight of women not so long ago. Women in Canada were once thought of as property, instead of as individuals with rights, too. It took many women risking their health, their reputation, and their social acceptance to stand up against this unfair treatment. Known as the suffragettes, they won the vote for women, giving women rights and a collective voice they never had before.

Animals are still considered as property in Canada, instead of as living beings that deserve a good life. It’s up to us to change this sorry state of affairs. Voting for a political party that takes animal welfare seriously is one way to do this.