Today is International Peace Day!

Today, September 21, 2013, is a biggie.

In our northern hemisphere, it marks the Fall Equinox and a gradual heading into the months of winter. But, September 21 is also a big day all around the world for a much different reason–it’s International Peace Day.

In honour of International Peace Day, I am pleased to present you with the live 24-hour global broadcast of the Peace One Day celebration. These online  events will feature Jeremy Gilley, Jude Law, Elton John and many others celebrating the International Day of Peace.

May you find peace in your world every day.

Here’s to Peace One Day!



It’s a Terrific Turtle Kind of Day!

Well, what an auspicious day to return to my blog after a year or so away:
World Turtle Day!glyptemys-muhlenbergii-bog-turtle-reptile_w725_h547

I truly regret being MIA for so long, but I’ve only recently come to realize why. It turns out I’ve been suffering from WIFS, short for Well Informed Futility Syndrome. Bottom line: I just couldn’t bear to write one more blog on some despicable or short-sighted error on humanity’s part.

Anyhow, knowing your demons goes a long way towards healing. I guess this is my long-winded way of saying I’m back, I’m energized, and I’m ready to kick a little butt in the world of blogs. And, it feels good!

Hope you’ve all been thriving (or at least surviving) since I’ve been gone.

Three cheers for the turtles, gentle creatures who have been roaming our planet for over 200 million years. Sadly, our turtles are now starting to disappear due to our thoughtlessness and greed. Together we can change that, right?



Pitching in on Project Green Day

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately, I’ve been volunteering quite a bit of my time to my community’s Project Green Day. After months of talk and weeks of preparation, Project Green Day finally arrived last Saturday in the Diamond Valley where I live.

It’s nothing short of heroic what a small group of enthusiastic citizens can do in just one day!

Garbage collected from a natural area by the Sheep River on Diamond Valley Project Green Day held May 14, 2011

Almost 70 volunteers clocked in over 200 hours of effort on the day of the event. They came out to pick up trash in green areas (believe me, there was LOTS, from candy bar wrappers to UMOs), tidy up publicly enjoyed gardens, and plant trees and build a pathway in a new community park.


There are many to thank for making it possible for all this to happen: our municipal governments of Black Diamond and Turner Valley, our corps of volunteers, our local media which helped promote the event in editorial and community event listings, our generous sponsors of supplies and services, and our hardworking Foothills Lions Club for feeding, watering and otherwise energizing all those who worked so hard on the day of the event.

On behalf of all of us who live in the Diamond Valley, whether people, plant, or animal, I salute you. Because of your efforts our homes are safer and lovelier. Hip Hip Hooray for all participants in Project Green Day!

Cheers, shee

PS – Want to organize a Project Green Day in your community? Just drop me a line at shee@sheesays.com.

PPS – Wondering what a UMO is? It’s an Unidentified Metal Object.  : )


2011 UN International Year of Forests

It’s election time again in Canada. I hope you will ask your federal candidates what exactly they plan on doing to honour, conserve, or protect forest communities in Canada. After all, 2011 has been designated the International Year of Forests by the United Nations.

2011 is the UN Year of Forests

And, while you’re at it, ask your candidates to explain about all the ecological goods and services that forest communities provide to Canadians. If they can’t, I hope that you will remind them how…

  • Forests help keep our fresh water clean (by filtering water and controlling soil erosion)
  • Forests encourage biological diversity, by creating microclimates and homes for different animals and plants
  • Forests provide us with all kinds of foods and medicines
  • Forests scrub our air of pollutants, and provide us with oxygen tobreathe
  • Forests give us recreational opportunities as well as aesthetic enjoyment
  • Forests can even help with climate regulation

For more information on the 2011

International Year of Forests, please visit: http://www.un.org/en/events/iyof2011/ or http://www.canopyplanet.org/.