It’s a Terrific Turtle Kind of Day!

Well, what an auspicious day to return to my blog after a year or so away:
World Turtle Day!glyptemys-muhlenbergii-bog-turtle-reptile_w725_h547

I truly regret being MIA for so long, but I’ve only recently come to realize why. It turns out I’ve been suffering from WIFS, short for Well Informed Futility Syndrome. Bottom line: I just couldn’t bear to write one more blog on some despicable or short-sighted error on humanity’s part.

Anyhow, knowing your demons goes a long way towards healing. I guess this is my long-winded way of saying I’m back, I’m energized, and I’m ready to kick a little butt in the world of blogs. And, it feels good!

Hope you’ve all been thriving (or at least surviving) since I’ve been gone.

Three cheers for the turtles, gentle creatures who have been roaming our planet for over 200 million years. Sadly, our turtles are now starting to disappear due to our thoughtlessness and greed. Together we can change that, right?



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