Imagine 8 Acres to Ring in Spring

Hello World,

I am about to give an author’s visit (courtesy of the Canadian Authors Association – Alberta Branch – Writers In Schools Program) to a Calgary Grade 7 and a Grade 9 class on writing about the environment. During my visit, I intend to show a wonderful multimedia photo essay, called Imagine 8 Acres…, created by a friend of mine, Gervais Goodman. I thought it might be nice to share this slice of nature with you, too.

HINT: Don’t forget to turn your volume up. You won’t want to miss the sounds of trickling water and honking geese…

Enjoy. (I know you will.)


2 thoughts on “Imagine 8 Acres to Ring in Spring

  1. These are awesome pictures. I am sure all the grade 7 students will
    enjoy the photos. Where the photos taken in your area?
    I really enjoy all your postings.

    • Hi Ruth, It’s so nice to hear from you. The photos were taken within about 30 minutes of where I live. The students and teacher gave it a wonderful round of applause. : ) shee

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